The World's Best Source for Harvester Ants!

When it comes to Live Harvester Ants we are the Pros. We have been successfully shipping out live harvester ants for Over 20 years.  Harvester ants are the best ants you can buy for Ant Farms® and Ant Habitats.  They are amazing tunnelers.   Guaranteed to arrive alive!   Free Shipping!   Order today and get your ants in 3 - 10 days in the U.S.   Caution!  Harvester Ants can sting.  Adult Supervision Required.

picture of live ants

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Regular Ant Supply (Approx. 30 ants)  $4.95 
 Free Shipping!  

  Super Ant Supply (Approx. 60 ants)  $6.98
 Free Shipping!  

Add Priority Mail Service (2-3 days in U.S.) for $6.25 

Discounts are given on multiple supplies of ants. For example: Order 2 supplies of ants @ $3.49 each. 7 supplies @ $3.29 each.

If you would like to use your Ant Certificate (for a better price) which was included with your Ant habitat, please fill in the requested info and mail it in or fax it to us at: 1-435-635-9005 or email to: instead of ordering online. 

Note: We can only ship ants to the U.S. (except Hawaii) and Canada. If you live in Hawaii or in a different country you will need to find ants in your area. We hold off on shipping ants to Canada during winter. Also during extreme cold we may delay shipments to some states. 

While you are here shopping for ants make sure to check out our great Accessories.

Packet of Ant Food

A mixture of Grains, Seeds, Sugar, and Parsley for your ants. Price: $1.50.

Note: Ants in Gel Ant Habitats do not need food or water. They get their nutrition from the gel.

Ant Colony Rejuvination Kit

Restock your ant habitat with this refill kit. Includes 12 oz. Bag of Sand (large enough for most habitats), Ant Food, and a Fresh Supply of Harvester Ants. Everything you need to get your ant habitat running again.

Full Kit Price $7.95

Order just the sand for $4.00

Magnifying Glass

If your Ant Habitat does not come with a Magnifying Glass this one will help you study your ants up close. Price: $4.95

See-Through Bug Jar

Capture bugs and study them with this handy see-through bug jar. The magnifying lid allows for a closer view of the subject. You can study the bugs safely from underneath and from all sides. The bug jar is about 3 inches tall with airholes in the lid. Great for the young entomologist. Click the picture to see a larger photo. Price: $5.95

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For Secure Online Orders add items to your online Shopping Cart. For Mail or Fax orders you may print out an order form at: Order Form Page. For U.S. residents we have a Toll Free Phone#: 877-864-2207. For International Calls our phone # is: 435-635-9005. is a website used to market Ants and related items for Life Studies, LLC. We also market other educational items. Visit our main website at: Also visit our for Natural Rock Magnets.