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Ant Science Projects

Many of our customers find out about the joys of ants when they are doing a science fair project. We will be featuring new ideas for ant science fair projects in our blog, so check back often! Let us know if you have a great idea for an ant science fair project.

Ant Care Tips

You’re ants deserve the best care. You will find our how and what to feed your ants. Look forward to our ant care tips articles for more information.

Ant Questions

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Ant Videos

Watching ants make their homes is a lot of fun, and we will show you the best ways to care for your ants safely. We will show you all the new products we have available, so you know what to expect when you order. Also, we will be sharing some of your ant videos that you send to us! Tell us about your awesome ant video, and we will share it with all of our customers.

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