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Ant Gel Refill Kit

This crystal clear ant gel is specially formulated to nourish your ants as they construct an elaborate path of tunnels. You can refill a previous gel ant farm, or create your own. For a fraction of the cost of a new gel ant habitat, you can enjoy an existing ant farm over and over again.   Choose from 3 Colors - Original Blue, Red, and Green.  Creates Approximately 1.5 cups of gel.

Note: Blue and Green are temporarily out of stock.

   Price: $8.50


Ant Colony Rejuvination Kit

Restock your ant habitat with this refill kit. Includes 12 oz. Bag of Sand (large enough for most habitats), Ant Food, and a Fresh Supply of Harvester Ants. Everything you need to get your ant habitat running again. Price $7.95

Packet of Ant Food

A mixture of Grains, Seeds, Sugar, and Parsley for your ants. One packet is enough for several tubes of ants.  

Price: $1.50.

Note: Ants in Gel Ant Habitats do not need food or water. They get their nutrition from the gel.

Magnifying Glass

If your Ant Habitat does not come with a Magnifying Glass this one will help you study your ants up close. Price: $4.95

See-Through Bug Jar

Capture bugs and study them with this handy see-through bug jar. The magnifying lid allows for a closer view of the subject. You can study the bugs safely from underneath and from all sides. The bug jar is about 3 inches tall with airholes in the lid. Great for the young entomologist. Price: $5.95

Suction Pipet "Water Dropper"

A Pipet is useful for wetting sand and giving water to your ants. Just a few drops every day is all they need. Price: $0.75

3D Worker Ant Puzzle

Build a Giant Worker Ant! This puzzle is 21 pieces which you fit together to build your own 10 Inch Worker Ant. Paint it any color you like. Makes a cool display sculpture and a great craft project for the young entomoligist. For Ages 5 and up. Price: $7.95.

Incredible Ant DVD

An award winning production team has created a fun and educational film about ants. See live footage of ants in nature. Watch how to safely put the ants into an observatory. Includes demonstrations of science projects that can be done with ants. Makes a wonderful teaching aid and is great to use in science project displays. Price: $9.95

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