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AntWorks Gel Habitat

This Ant habitat is based on a NASA space experiment to see how ants tunnel in space. Instead of sand the ants tunnel through a transparent, non-toxic gel. You can see everything the ants are doing! You don't need to worry about feeding or watering the ants - they get their nutrition from the gel. Just put the ants in and you're done. This popular habitat is great for kids and grownups alike. Get one for the office! Price: $21.95 

Note:  Ants must be ordered seperately.

While you are here looking at the AntWorks you may want to check out some other Live Ant Habitats on our Ant Habitats Page. Also see some other cool items below:

Ant Colony Rejuvination Kit

Restock your ant habitat with this refill kit. Includes 12 oz. Bag of Sand (large enough for most habitats), Ant Food, and a Fresh Supply of Harvester Ants. Everything you need to get your ant habitat running again. Price $7.95

Magnifying Glass

If your Ant Habitat does not come with a Magnifying Glass this one will help you study your ants up close. Price: $4.95

See-Through Bug Jar

Capture bugs and study them with this handy see-through bug jar. The magnifying lid allows for a closer view of the subject. You can study the bugs safely from underneath and from all sides. The bug jar is about 3 inches tall with airholes in the lid. Great for the young entomologist. Click the picture to see a larger photo. Price: $5.95

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