The Best Place to Buy Live Harvester Ants

Buy Live Ants for your Ant Farm® or Habitat

Regular Supply (about 30 ants)


Price $5.99

Super Supply (about 60 ants)


Price $7.98

Buy some live Harvester Ants today for your Ant Farm® or Ant Habitat. We guarantee them and offer Free Shipping (U.S., Ants Only). Harvester Ants are great at tunneling! Note: You will receive worker ants. Queens are not available to ship.

Caution: Ants can sting. Adult supervision required.

Note: In addition to Free Shipping, discounts are given on multiple vials of ants. For example order 2 or more vials for $3.99 each, 10 or more vials at $3.49 each. Ants are shipped via USPS. Currently orders are taking about 1 to 3 weeks. Note: Free Shipping only applies to the live ants.

Note: Currently we are only shipping ants to the USA (except Oregon and Hawaii). If you live in Oregon or Hawaii or Canada , or in a different country, you will need to find ants another way. During Winter orders can be delayed due to cold weather and/or high order volumes.

If you have an Ant Certificate (for a better price) which came with your Ant habitat, you can fill in the requested info and mail it in, or email a picture to: and we can help you order online using the certificate.