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Ant Accessories

Ant farm sand refill kit

Ant Colony Rejuvenation Kit

Restock your Ant Farm or Ant habitat with this refill kit. Includes a Bag of Sand (large enough for most habitats), Ant Food, and a Fresh Supply of Harvester Ants. Everything you need to get your ant habitat running again.

Full Kit Price: $10.99   
Sand Only Price: $3.35   
Ant gel habitat refill kit

Ant Gel Refill Packet

You can usually reuse gel in your gel habitat. If you clean it and melt it, it should set up again as it cools. If that doesn't work or if you just prefer new gel this ant gel refill should do the trick. This crystal clear ant gel is specially formulated to nourish your ants as they construct an elaborate path of tunnels. You can refill a previous gel ant farm, or create your own. Enjoy your existing ant habitat over and over again. Each packet creates Approximately 1.5 cups of gel.

Choose from 3 Colors - Blue, Red, or Green.

Price: $8.50    
Ant food - bag of dried grains and seeds

Ant Food Packet

A packet of dried foods for your ants. Feed them a small pinch of food twice a week. One packet is plenty for several supplies of ants.

Note: Gel ant habitats do not require feeding. The ants get their nutrition from the gel.

Price: $1.69   
Magnifying glass product image

Magnifying Glass

If your Ant Habitat does not come with a Magnifying Glass this one will help you study your ants up close. 4X

Price: $2.99   
Water dropper pipet product image

Water Dropper Pipet

A useful tool for putting water into the ant habitat.

Note: Gel Habitats do not require watering. The ants will get water from the gel.

Price: $0.59   
Clear bug jar with grasshopper inside

See-Through Bug Jar

Capture bugs and study them with this handy see-through bug jar. The magnifying lid allows for a closer view of the subject. You can study the bugs safely from underneath and from all sides. The bug jar is about 3 inches tall with airholes in the lid. Great for the young entomologist.

Price: $4.95