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Uncle Milton Ant Farm

This is what most people think of when you say "Ant Farm". Watch ants construct a subterranean network underneath their farm. The Ant Farm is connectible so you can connect as many as you want together into a large network of ant farms. It is also break resistant and escape proof. Comes with Tunnelling Sand, Antway travel tube, 4 connecting Ant Ports built in. The Ant Farm measures 9 X 6 inches.

Price: $15.99   

Ants must be ordered separately

Ant Viewer Observatory

Ant Viewer Observatory

The Ant Viewer is a cylinder shaped observatory about 5 1/2 inches tall. An inexpensive way to experience the world of ants. The Ant Viewer comes with Sand, Ant Food, Water Pipet, and a Small Supply of Ants (About 15). Order 2 or more for Science Projects and get a great discount.

Price (1): $9.95    Qty:
Price (2 or more): $7.50 each

Note: If you will not be setting up your Ant Viewer(s) right away, please request a certificate for your ants that you can redeem when you are ready.